Early potty training increases your baby’s intelligence? (!)

We want our children to be smart or at least follow the “normal” development pattern. But what is the norm nowadays is not the same. The charts have changed the same as our culture has changed.

Thirty years ago, it would be hardly heard of having a 5-year-old in the nappies, while in 2007 one of the most popular brands introduced to the market nappies for children weighing more than 41 pounds (18.6 kg). 34 to 52 pounds is estimated to be the weight of a 5-year-old.

According to the research conducted by neuroscientist Audrey L. H. van der Meer at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim , activities like early potty training can considerably boost the development of your baby`s neurons, and increase their general development.

She has used EEG technology to arrive at these results to show that acquiring new skills (including motor skills) by young infants increase the number and quality of neuron connections in baby`s brain.

While we may think that potty training is not highly complicated skill which could potentially influence our child intelligence, we should also take into account other skills that the child needs to acquire at the same time, which includes dressing, wiping or simply gaining an understanding of their body.

We tend to overlook these simple skills in favour of intellectual development, but the research conducted by Audrey L. H. van der Meer shows that they are interlinked and as the old saying goes “ first things first”.

I know, we don`t want to treat our children as  “experiments” and “force” them into doing things, but there is a thin line between not forcing and not giving them an opportunity and exposure to the new experiences.

It looks like we prevent our children from using their natural development potential by using modern inventions which makes life so much easier.

Another research by der Meer shows that to facilitate optimised learning process we should choose to handwrite notes rather than using laptops. While we or think that technology makes us smarter, the research suggests that it may be quite the opposite. So while you think that giving your child an iPad is a good idea, simple crayons and a piece of paper may actually benefit them more in the area of intellectual development.

The above example is to show you that sometimes things are not what we think they are, and you may reconsider age at which your baby should be potty trained.

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