10 Reasons why you should potty train early!

Many parents ask when it`s the best time to start potty training? I think the answer lies in you and it`s up to you to make a decision based on your parenting style and your beliefs.

It`s hard to convince parents who already made up their mind based on whatever can be widely found on the internet, but the following 10 reasons may help you in your decision-making process

I believe babies should be trained by the age of  18 months, and personally, it makes me cringe when other websites claim that babies` digestive or nervous system is not ready for it.  There is no need to even argue with it, as the average age of the potty trained baby in the 1950s was 18 months and I don`t recall any regression in human evolution recently (apologies for a bit of sarcasm)

The main reasons are:

1. Early potty training builds a bond between you and your baby. In order to successfully potty-train your toddler before 18 months, you need to observe them closely and react to their needs.

2. It will save you some stress and anxiety.  Usually, parents tend to potty-train when their baby needs to go to the nursery or pre-school as they don’t have a choice at this stage.

3. Because of the above, you are under pressure and your child can feel it. Instead of this being a natural process and an obvious thing in their lives, slowly introduced, it tends to be a rapid change full of frustrations.

4. According to research done by neuroscientist Audrey van der Meer, a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, early stimulation contributes to brain development. This includes early potty-training.

5. Reduced possibility of a rash.

6. “Save the planet” and reduces amount of plastic in landfills.

7. Increased mobility with your baby. Not all places have babies changing rooms available, but most places have toilets.

8. Because of late potty-training but also general toilet training your child may feel excluded from the group, especially if it ends up surrounded by children who were potty-trained earlier.

9. Your child will become more independent earlier, and new connections in the brain will be created.

10. It will save you considerable amount of money.

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