Wise Parenting Secrets is all about going back to the roots of parenthood and re-discovering forgotten techniques.

In an over engineered world and the internet full of contradictory information we are forced to make constant decisions, but the main question is: do we have the right information to support them?

This “Nappy & Potty Training Guide” may change how you look at this subject and all aspects of parenting all together especially the importance of the bond creation between the baby and the parent.

Did you know? The average age of potty trained baby in the 50s was 18 months and now it`s 36 months! 

If you want to learn how to potty train your baby without the stress order this book now!

 It can be previewed via our affiliate link: Wise Parenting Secrets: Nappy & Potty Training Guide


"This is the story that the nappy manufacturers don't want you to read. But in my opinion, every new or prospective parent who has even the slightest interest on reducing our human impact on the environment needs to see this. Very well researched and thought provoking."
Andy Brown
" With a new baby on the way I will definitely be more conscious about introducing a potty as an everyday object very early on and getting them to consistently sit on it. I think I will incorporate potty play time to reinforce that the potty is a nice place to be. "
Jo - mum of one and one on the way

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